Groups of 1 – 25

It is recommended that for groups of this size to use what we call a “limited sit-down menu”. This provides you with a variety of main course selections and a comfortable dining experience. Entrees include choice of potato, vegetable, tossed salad, and beverage. 7% tax and 15% gratuity will be added separately.

Menu Selections

Please select only four entrees and specify quantity of each at least 48 hours in advance of function.

Vegetable Choices
Broccoli, Corn, Glazed Carrots, Cauliflower w/Cheese (select one)

Potato Choices
Baked Potato, Au Gratin, Hash Browns, French Fries, Baby Red (select one)

Buffet Menu:


50 pp and under: 9.99 (minimum of 30pp) 51-199: 9.59, 200pp and over: 9.29

For groups of under 30pp we recommend family style service. You can select from the Buffet menu for your family style service.

Pricing To Include:

Choice of meat, vegetable, potato, and salad. Roll and butter and two beverages.

Add an additional meat for $2.00 or add additional salad for$.75. For desserts selections please inquire.

Tax and gratuity will be added separately.



Menu Selections

Tender roast beef                                Pork Chops

Swiss steak                                          BBQ pork back ribs

Beef Tips                                               Kielbasa an kraut

Broiled Cod                                          Garlic Chicken breast

Roast Turkey/w dressing                  Oven roasted chicken

Lasagne                                                 Prime rib (add $8.00)

Sliced roast pork                                  Steamship round (50pp minimum) add $6.00



Selecet one

Tossed Salad     Cole Slaw  


Potato Salad


Fresh cut relishes


Macaroni Salad

Pickled beets

Fresh Fruit (seasonal)

Orange Jello


Vegetables & Potatoes

Select one of each

Corn Mashed Potatoes
Glazed Carrots Parsley Potatoes
Green Beans Baked Potato

Green Bean almandine

Buttered broccoli

Vegetable medley

Rice/Pasta Cheesy potato Baby red garlic mashed
Broccoli Cuts  

A La Carte / Hors D’ Oeuvres


Hors D’ Oeuvres

Chicken wings (serves 30) $49.50

Hot Wings (serves 30) $49.50

Marinara meatballs (20 per pound) $14.50 per#

Sweet and spicy meatballs $14.50 per#

Cocktail Smokies ( serves 30) $35.00

Cheese and Sausage tray 5# (app. 50pp) $55.00

Relish Tray (app. 50pp) $55.00

Chips & dip (app 25pp) $19.50

Vegetable Pizza (48 servings) $39.00

Shrimp cocktail (25 pieces) $50.00

Mini Taco (50 pieces) $35.00

Nacho chips w/ cheese and salsa (serves 30) $25.00



From the Bakery

Hamburger Buns $4.20 per dozen  
White or wheat dinner roll $3.60 per dozen  
Cinnamon rolls (jumbo size) $15.00 per dozen  
Cinnamon rolls (petite size) $6.00 per dozen  

Brownies $5.95 per dozen (minimum of 4 dozen)

Cookies $4.20 per dozen

Pies $15.95 per pie

Cakes $27.50 per 1/2 sheet (48 servings


A La Carte Roaster served

Turkey and dressing (50-75 servings) $150.00  

Pulled BBQ pork (50-75 servings) $165.00

Maidrite (75 servings) $150.00

Shredded BBQ beef (50-75) $175.00

Grilled Chicken breast (80 servings) $195.00

Swiss steak (80 servings) $195.00

Sliced beef in aujus (60-70 servings) $175.00

Sliced honey glazed ham (60-70 servings) $165.00



Potatoes – Selections roaster served

Cheesy potato (60-70) $99.00  
Mashed potato w/ gravy (75 servings) $85.00  

Baked potato $1.25 ea.

Parsley buttered potato (65 servings) $85.00

Garlic mashed potato (65 servings) $89.00